The future of the gaming industry

Predicting the future is always a difficult task. Who would've predicted that our world would be in a pandemic crisis this year and that the whole world would come to a standstill, or well almost everything. In these difficult times many have tried out new experiences at home such as baking, exercising and many more, but something that seems to never stand still or never ceases to grow is the gaming industry. The industry that has seen 10+% growth rate for the past 3 years and is projected to grow 12+% year on year until 2024. Esports has a combined world wide audience of 460 million viewers, that is 55 million more than the almost 200 year old sport, rugby.

As stated from the start it is very difficult predicting the future, especially in the difficult times we find ourselves, but based off these facts its difficult to see how the gaming industry wont flourish over the coming years

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